All clients receive the highest level of quality and service with no exceptions. Our teams are prepared to offer customers operational support and customized solutions along with exceptional customer support.

Customer Service

Our customer service team, with extensive experience in the sector, will be in charge of monitoring the manufacture of the book, from the receipt of the order to its delivery. Together with the commercial team, they will guide towards the solution that best suits the client's needs.


A web-based order management platform enables the customer to monitor production in real time and interact directly with all CPI printing plants in Europe. The connection between the customer's management system and Highway is very simple. The customer can access all the details of their titles in production and their print history on a single screen.


IT Support

All internal systems have been developed by our expert staff in computer development. These developments make possible the connection between the ERP of our clients and our own system and thus dematerialize the purchase order, the invoice or any other valuable information, changing it to XML format. This connection allows that the information is exchanged without the need to enter it manually, saving time and avoiding errors. Today 60% of the 7,000 titles we print annually arrive automatically.

GPS – Global Print Solution

At a time when electronic media offer any content and the information offered is available anywhere in the world, can the book respond to this challenge in a simple and inexpensive way? Created at the request of some of our clients, Global Print Solutions offers the possibility of printing your books anywhere in the World, easily and at a limited cost. A proven system for several years that has won over many publishers.