Our products

Our staff is specialized in the manufacture of books. They will offer the best solution, guiding the choice of paper, format and finish, and will make effective distribution and marketing services available to publishers. Our goal is to do our best to make your book the one you imagine.


  • Because we are part of the leading European monochrome book printing group.

  • We offer our clients our technology, our experience and expertise acquired throughout our history.

Pocket format

For our services and support, CPI Black Print has developed an order management system to streamline the exchange of information with the client and monitoring all internal planning and processes from manufacturing until delivery.

Due to our capacity in printing and binding, CPI Black Print has a wide printing and binding capacity that allows us to respond to large volumes of work. Our capacity provides comfort to the publisher for the edition of large new prints or campaign launches.

Because of our responsiveness: The client needs to reprint as quickly as possible and avoid stock outs, as CPI Black Print is committed to always giving the best date.

We print this format both in long or short grain. We have an important capacity that allows us to adapt to all runs.

A press specialized in printing the Spanish pocket format or the French semi-pocket format. We print with one of the most powerful machines in Europe, with signatures of up to 128 pages.

Large format

Because of our experience in strategic launches: CPI Black Print has a long history of releasing long-run titles. We have a history of zero delays in World releases and total content confidentiality.

For the quality of our work: CPI Black Print offers the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our quality system, implemented for more than 20 years, allows total traceability, monitoring and control of the product in each process in order to minimize the risks of incidence.

CPI Black Print offers a service adapted to the commitments acquired, which reinforces the client's comfort. 

Printing new prints with the best quality
thanks to a versatile and fast machinery.

CPI Black Print offers a comprehensive bookbinding service that provides flexibility and agility. Types of binding :

  • Perfect binding: CPI Black Print has a large capacity in milled paperback with 3 binding lines.

  • Hardcover: For cardboard projects, we have a modern line in hardcover.

  • Flexibook: possibility of binding all your books in Flexibook (Integra Cover).